KinPOS Application Software Suite

A wide range of applications essential to banks as well as to medium and large businesses.

Our Applications in the Kinpos Application Software Suite - CSI

KinPOS CSI is a platform of solutions to improve the administration functionalities in the processing network. Kinpos Application Software Suite consists of applications essential to banks and other financial institutions and medium and large businesses.Each application can be ordered as a separate program, or in this KinPOS CSI Master Collection suite, which has all applications bundled together.


KinPOS CSI is a platform of solutions integrated by Modules, each module is an innovative tool focused in improve the management of components contained inside processing network of Acquirers and Processors, using the best practices in usability and performance to add value in services and products also make an incursion with innovative solutions for the public.

KinPOS AFS Anti Fraud System

kinpos_box_afs_tKinPOS AFS is another module of CSI platform that allow determine processing rules for transactions in order to analyze through a grade the level of risk of that action and then avoid the suspicious event. Depending of the grade of risk is assigned (score) KinPOS AFS allow designate a particular action for each grade of risk, for example: to approve, to pause or to reject the transaction. Integrated with module EMS can designate alerts for any point inside the process.

KinPOS BCC Banking Correspondent

kinpos_box_bcc_tKinPOS BCC sets up a flexible platform for processing payments in a secure, fast and innovative way. KinPOS BCC integrates payment channels like Smart devices, POS Terminals, ecommerce stores, ATM’s, among others, making the most of the resources inside the processing network, avoiding new development and increases in costs of installing.

KinPOS CMS Card and Account Management System

kinpos_box_cms_tKinPOS CMS is the module of KinPOS CSI solution in charge of the management of Accounts and Cards. This allows manage the accounts information of cardholders. With this tool the client can create accounts with diverse definitions, for example accounts for money (Debit or Credit), accounts with use of points, miles, amogn others, all the process through the definition of authorization rules (to debit or to credit to the account) in each transaction, currency type, management and cards associations, generating cards, etc. for facilitate the management of them.

KinPOS DCI Detailed Customer Insight

kinpos_box_dci_tKinPOS DCI is the module in platform CSI that allows analyze the network performance (devices, clients, trades, etc.) from a point of view of business. DCI gets deeper in the client behavior, to know which merchant are more reliable or efficient in the network, analysing days of week, more active hours, statistics of transactions, among others.

KinPOS DCL Device Control Language

KinPOS DIS Device Inventory System

kinpos_box_dis_tKinPOS DIS is another module of CSI platform, allows manage inventory of Devices, Supplies, Accesories, among others. With the rest of modules KinPOS DIS can takes control of larders, moves, services order, technicals, entries to repair laboratories, merchant assignment, etc. KinPOS DIS can be used from mobile devices Android, Windows Phone and iPhone.

KinPOS DMS Device Management System

kinpos_box_dms_tThe KinPOS DMS is the KinPOS CSI module that enables device management, its parameters (initialization) and applications. In addition audits changes made by operators allowing to control security levels for each role. It is fully integrated with the other modules.

KinPOS EMS Event Monitor System

kinpos_box_ems_tKinPOS EMS in KinPOS CSI solution control all events, as such system as all devices and POS Terminals. The events are organized by groups and types. The events can be notice by sending Mails or SMS (text messages) this alerts are send to the people wanted by the client. Uses geo-reference services to identify event origin.

KinPOS FCS Fleet Control System

box_kinpos_fcs_sKinPOS FCS optimize Vehicular Fleet management, improving control of their resources, supplies and other related components.

KinPOS HDK Help Desk

kinpos_box_hdk_tKinPOS HDK creates, edits and makes a full monitoring to reports of support, improves attention to public and facilitates its use through Tickets. This module provide all the tools needed to specify level of report and its urgency in addition provides a complete history with progress, activities and solutions of the cases.

KinPOS LWV Live Web Version

kinpos_box_lwv_tKinPOS LWV uses a web platform integrated with Merchants for provide live information of its transactional activity, transactions quantity and Terminal events, among other, in this way the Merchant obtains useful information to analyse and evaluate its performance for improve its service to the public.


icono_mpos_290KinPOS mPOS is a new solution that enables transaction processing through any smart device, such as tablet or smartphone. It is a flexible tool that speeds integration times within the processing network and generates excellent benefits such as electronic payment acceptance, risk reduction by avoiding the use of physical money, the extension of the database of customers for commerce by offering a safe and agile service, in a nutshell allows to obtain the best results for all components involved in the processing of transactions.

KinPOS PAY – Payments

kinpos_box_pay_tKinPOS PAY is the module of KinPOS CSI that allow transactions and payment services through a complete Application that includes: Web Services SOAP, Payment Gateway (Web Gateway), etc. Integrated with others modules of KinPOS CSI as KinPOS AFS to use antifraud services and designate events with KinPOS EMS.

KinPOS RAL Remote Application Loader

kinpos_box_ral_tKinPOS RAL is the module in charge of the smart remote applications download to devices in the network, in platform CSI, therefore allows massive or segmented updating to devices. These updating can be schedule previously, using efficiently all the resources in channels of communications and dynamic changing of size of data package to increase the download speed.

KinPOS RPS Recurrent Payment System

KinPOS RPS automate the receipt of payments done monthly, this speed up attention and support to public.

KinPOS SEC Secure Electronic Commerce

kinpos_box_sec_tKinPOS SEC is the module of CSI solution in charge of assure an optimal performance for electronic transactions in other channels like as KinPOS mPOS (mobile payment), electronic commerce, Web Services SOAP, among others on Internet platform.

KinPOS SFE Smart Front End

kinpos_box_sfe_tThe KinPOS SFE is the transactional core of KinPOS CSI. Financial transactions processed using own approvers and extensions (by supporting an API) or routed to approvers in Switch mode or external networks. It supports different types of messaging, such as ISO8583 or KinPOS MPCP (MPOS Comunication Protocol).

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KinPOS Application Software Suite
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A wide range of applications essential to banks as well as to medium and large businesses.

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